In Light of Recent Events

In Light of Recent Events

The music we listen to provides the soundtrack to the movie that is our life.
Some songs take you back to your childhood or your first day in college. Some songs make you feel like you’re in love for the first time again.
Sometimes a certain song can match your mood so perfectly it resonates within your soul: it widens the smile on your face or makes your tears feel more liberating.

Nowhere Near aims to inspire these experiences. Therefore, we are proud to announce the EP:

‘In Light of Recent Events’

Showing our carefree side on the tracks ‘FYI’ and ‘The Getaway’, it also features the beautifully fragile ‘Transparency’.

We’ve crafted these songs with care, so listen – carefully


All songs were written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Nowhere Near.

Vocals: Amber Nefkens
Guitars: Samuel Leeuwenburg, Melle de Vries
Bass: Appy Alberts, Melvin Lieveld
Drums: Tim Giesen


Special thanks to:
Willem Leeuwenburg for letting us use his equipment, recording these songs wouldn’t  have been possible without it.